…to White Horse Papers.

Some of my favorite boyhood heroes were cowboys who rode white horses: Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) rode his beautiful white Arabian named Topper, and my best-loved cowboy hero, TV’s the LoneRanger (Clayton Moore), rode the inimitable white stallion, Silver.

Famous historical figures were also portrayed as riding white horses:  William the Conqueror, Joan of Arc, El Cid, and Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.  Our own first US President George Washington has been depicted as riding a white warhorse, but Washington always said that that his favorite horse was actually a bluish gray horse unceremoniously named Blueskin.

But my website is dedicated to an even greater white horse than these, a white horse that will appear one day in the future whose rider is described in the Bible’s prophetic book, Revelation.  In Chapter 11, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns to earth mounted on a white horse with His name written on his cloak: “The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.”  It is for this day that I am eagerly waiting, and I hope you are too.

When this great white horse and rider finally arrives, our world will be changed forever.  Until then I hope you will join me in keeping watch over this present world and faithfully recording your observations creatively and poetically.


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