Poets of the New Earth

Come in, my friend,
for you are always welcome
here. The light today
from the throne
tints the walls
with green and gold,
and the earth lays hold of pine
and jasmine. Yesterday
the rose welled up
in the window panes
and the colors swelled
when the sound of crows
crackled in their flight.
++++++++++Sit here.
We have paper, pens, inks
of finest blend. Take
this cup of water fresh
from the river, and
this fruit that grows
by the falls upstream.

That sparrow?
He flits and fancies
in this room
and rests upon the sills.
He is a gift to me,
and to you as well,
from our Friend
who remembers
from whence we came.

Ah, yes,
today we will write
together. You will
write of the King,
and I …

I will write
of the sparrow.

Don Cadwallader

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