Christian Forgiveness Prompts Muslim Dreams, Visions

Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance, reports in the April 28, 2015, edition of the Christian Post ( that a “shaking” is taking place in the Muslim world as a result of the Christian response to the unspeakable atrocities against Christian populations in the Middle East.

As ISIS has publicly beheaded Americans, British, Jordanians, Egyptians, and Ethiopians, many shocked and disapproving Muslims are doubting the foundations of their faith and are opening their minds to learn more about Jesus.  As local media play messages of Christ’s love and forgiveness broadcast by Egyptian parents whose children have been beheaded in Libya, unsettled Muslims begin to openly question their ideology and ask questions about Christianity.

As reported previously on this site (“Muslims Come to Christ Where Christian Workers Are Few”), God is increasingly reaching out  to the Muslim people through dreams and visions.  Religious Muslims are particularly open to such personal experiences since they are schooled in spiritual realities from an early age whereas Western peoples routinely reject such “non rational” possibilities.

Stiller reports that

among Muslims, stories are told everywhere of people having dreams, visions or encounters with heavenly agents.  Mostly ignored by the West, in the Muslim world these dreams are taken seriously.  And if you want to see some biblical antecedents, flip through concordance and thread your way through the many texts, or just read Acts 10.  Today Muslims in all walks of life are told in their dreams where to go and who to look for.  With specific descriptions of persons, actual locations, and times, their dreams reveal how and where they can learn truth about Jesus.  These are not oddball mission stories to evoke unrealistic expectations of the Holy Spirit at work.  They are real and are happening with increased frequency.

It therefore behooves us Christians at this time to pray diligently for those in the Muslim world whose previous rock-like faith has been fractured by the barbaric killings in the name of Islam.  We must also pray for those Christian workers who daily risk their lives to stand for Christ offering forgiveness in His name while explaining the gospel of grace when doors are unexpectedly opened.

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