A New Revolution

by Don Cadwallader

I graduated from a Southern California high school in 1964.  During the following seven years, until the summer of 1971, various cultural revolutions shook our society to its roots.  A political revolution reigned on many college campuses protesting the Vietnam War and the draft, a sexual revolution made a disastrous imprint on relationships, a psychedelic drug revolution caused many to lose their grip on reality, and the civil rights revolution exploded with urban riots.  Also, the countercultural flower power of the hippie lifestyle served as a driving force for this whole period.

My own multifarious experiences while being caught up in these revolutionary activities left me exhausted, morally bankrupt, and searching for answers.  I thank God that there was another revolution, one that, for me, eventually led to a totally changed life.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.43.22 AMWhen the June 21, 1971, issue of Time magazine hit the U.S. newsstands, the nation’s readers learned about this different kind of revolution.  The cover of the magazine featured a hippiefied portrait in glowing colors of Jesus Christ.  This startling illustration highlighted the issue’s lead story: “The Jesus Revolution” — a  revolution that began in San Francisco and Los Angeles and was then influencing lives across the country. Continue reading A New Revolution