Christian Forgiveness Prompts Muslim Dreams, Visions

Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance, reports in the April 28, 2015, edition of the Christian Post ( that a “shaking” is taking place in the Muslim world as a result of the Christian response to the unspeakable atrocities against Christian populations in the Middle East.

As ISIS has publicly beheaded Americans, British, Jordanians, Egyptians, and Ethiopians, many shocked and disapproving Muslims are doubting the foundations of their faith and are opening their minds to learn more about Jesus.  As local media play messages of Christ’s love and forgiveness broadcast by Egyptian parents whose children have been beheaded in Libya, unsettled Muslims begin to openly question their ideology and ask questions about Christianity.

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Planting in Winter

I was not refusing
to dig deep.

It was the self-deception,
the errancy of
cross examination,

not to mention
the tolerance of

when I struck rock,
caused this crisis:

I stopped.

But now, in later years,
I breathe deep,

use the shovel
like a chisel
until the hardness
breaks free.

And then,
hopeful for rebirth,
I tamp the earth and

Don Cadwallader

Published in
Front Porch Review (July 2012)

Jesus on a Harley

for Mike Terry

One eye open
then jerk up
right in bed.

5:30 a.m., the light
halogen through
window slats.

I roll out,
in boxers,
blue Orlando Magic
t-shirt. What the…

OK.  Lifting louvers,
a careful inch.

It’s really him

Dropping back
I turn unsteady.
In the kitchen
aroma of
yesterday’s bacon.

Eyes back inward,
see the desk with
last night’s candle
burned, the book
opened flat to
Lazerus, the weeping,
and I …

Now the revving
blappity – blap – blap
louder as I sneak
back two fingers,
eyes a slit.
He’s still there …

“Don! Are you
going riding
with me today
or not?”

Don Cadwallader

Published in
Time of Singing–A Magazine of Christian Poetry (Summer 2012)