To the Boy Who Hid at WalMart

If you hadn’t left
that trail of trash,
you might have lasted longer,
remained anonymous
among the rabble,
among the racketing sounds
of carts and schoolchildren
and their mothers who,
if they could,
ask you why — why did you…?

If I could slip
in there with you,
there in your careful cave,
staring through the cracks
among the baby stroller cartons
and piles of toilet paper,
safe where the air is still,
I could bring you help
from the outside,
some gift for your future,
perhaps a Leonard Cohen song
that says, “Love is the only
engine of survival,”
or some old book
by Ray Bradbury
that smells like ancient Egypt
and tells tales of your summer
when a steam engine arrives
from an impossible universe,
whistle wailing,
beckoning you aboard.

Don Cadwallader

Muslims Come to Christ Where Christian Workers Are Few

How does this happen?

by Don Cadwallader

At the present time, the Muslim world is much in the news. Islamic extremists are persecuting Christians and other religious minorities, while moderate voices in America are seemingly silent. News of God’s working to bring people to Christ in Islamic lands is sadly lacking as Western missionary workers in those countries seem nonexistent. However, by reading missionary Nik Ripken’s book The Insanity of Obedience, we can better understanding God’s working in places where persecution is the greatest.

After their own struggles as missionaries in the unwelcoming Muslim country of Somalia and following the death of their son on the mission field, Nik and his wife Ruth spent over twelve years conducting in-depth interviews with more than 600 believers who were living out their faith in cultures where persecution of Christians is common.

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